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Our Pal Zak




Speranza & Ninfa,   L'Orfeo



My Philosophy:

The voice, like any instrument, must be mastered.  One must learn to "play it" as one would any other instrument.  It is only then, after the instrument can be proficiently played, that one can add on the layers of style.  All styles of singing - pop, jazz, classical, musical theater, can be achieved with a solid vocal technique.

But, unlike an instrument, the voice is part of the human body, so there is an athletic aspect to singing.  One must learn healthy singing (and speaking) habits, good posture, and proper breathing to support and keep a voice healthy.

Singing, in any and all styles, is an art.  The human voice is one of the most poignant and emotional of musical instruments.  Therefore,  singers should love and respect their voices, never underestimate the care required to keep them healthy, and enjoy every note!


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