Student Views

Student Views






Student Views

Our Pal Zak


 Clorinda, La Cenerentola

"Amy has really helped me find my middle voice.  It is much stronger now and matches the rest of my voice.  She is fun to work with and makes sure I do it right." Becky

"I like studying with Miss Amy.  She finds good songs and I think I sing much better now.  We are going to work on a song for a school show soon."  Stephanie

"Amy has helped me understand what support means and I can sing now without feeling fatigue afterwards.  She has gotten me out of my throat. Even though I don't sing classical stuff,  Amy's technique works for me and I enjoy our lessons."  Jim

"Amy is fun to work with, has a good sense of humor, makes you feel at ease, and has a lot of knowledge to offer.  Since she is a performer herself, she understands the pressures of auditioning and performing."  Chris






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