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Ms. Lawrence has been teaching, both in schools and privately, for the past ten years.  Her interest is not only in students who wish to be professional singers, but those who love music and wish to participate in it through community choruses, theater groups, or for personal enjoyment.

Broadway is a very familiar medium to Ms. Lawrence.  She grew up with and had her start as a singer in Broadway productions.  She is knowledgeable in the repertoire, both the classics and current show music, and enjoys working with those interested in musical theater.

There is no age limit or level requirement to become a student of Ms. Lawrence.  She enjoys teaching children and focuses on reading music, music theory, all while having fun! (She also knows a great number of Disney's most popular hits.) For those who are older, Ms. Lawrence enjoys working with students on audition techniques and preparation, and is well versed in foreign languages, with particular emphasis on French, Italian, Hebrew, and German.

Breathing technique and relaxation while performing or speaking in front of a group are other skills that Ms. Lawrence can help a student master.  Even if no music is involved, clear diction and vocal support are imperative for effective public speaking.

Ms. Lawrence holds Bachelor and Masters degrees in vocal performance, with extensive pedagogical studies.  (For additional information, please see: Biography.

Ms. Lawrence lives and teaches in New York City. For further information regarding lessons, please email her at: poppfann@earthlink.net

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